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Here I'll link to sites that are important to me. Friends, other blogs I enjoy, or any web sites I think more people should know about.


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Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering - Pennsylvania

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Walnut Valley National Flatpicking Championships - Winfield, Kansas, home of the International Autoharp Championship

Best of Log

Here I might include links to some of my favorite postings. If you're new to this site and want to get an idea of what it's like, these entries are the place to start.

Recreational music making in groups (having fun, socializing) does not define the scope of using the autoharp. Some like to play alone, perhaps with special tunings, and some want to excel and be credible solo or band performers. Using the autoharp at whatever level just to sooth your soul is fine too, call it "fun" if you will, but advancement of the autoharp is not in having autoharps owned in greater numbers, more folks "just like me". It is in making an impressive public presentation and in providing instruments of a quality that inspires people to spend time with the autoharp and to be better players.